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Top 13 Online Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits

The digital era has opened doors to incredible opportunities and growth that we could not imagine before. Every organization is trying to take an advantage of this potential, nonprofits  are not an  exception.

Online fundraising platforms are an excellent example of it. These platforms give donors the ability to refer to the causes they care about and fundraise for it. It also helps nonprofits to  promote their causes on a global scale.

Here is the list of some of the best online fundraising platforms for nonprofits.

Donate Kindly

As Fundraising Compared claims, Donate Kindly is a good platform for small or growing nonprofit organizations. On this platform you can create and customize different donation forms. You can also add them immediately to your website. Donate Kindly is free of any fees and uses the tips donors give when supporting their cause. 

Igloo is not just a house in the snow, Igloo is the house for all best online deals and cashback deals. Igloo launched during 2020 by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a proven record of establishing startups from Zero$ to Millions$ annual sales.

You can get the most cashback for shopping online with Igloo. Get your cashback to your private Igloo account, or even better, to your group igloo account. Having you and your friends or people with the same cause getting more cash to your group. You can choose what to do with your money.

Head straight to the site you want to shop, and the browser extension will remind you of the possibility to get Cash Back on your purchase.

Buy in your favorite shops such as AliExpress, Banggood, GearBest, ASOS and others. When you visit the web shop, Igloo will remind you to activate the cashback so that you and your group will not miss it.

When you visit Amazon or eBay and some other websites that do not have cashback option then Igloo allow you to buy via Igloo – and then they donate the profits to non-profit organizations.

You can see cashback offers while you search the web and compare Cash Back rates right on the search results pages of Google.

Share the referral link to Igloo cashback service with your friends and get them to join your Igloo. When they join and get cashback it will be saved on your group Igloo account.

Check out this following extension:

Checkout this amazing extension!

And the following app in google play:

Download the Igloo app


Fundly offers nonprofits an affordable and easy way to raise money online. You can use Fundly to create a cute page with photos or videos that show supporters how their money is managed. This platform lets you access their designs to make sure all users have a positive experience. You don’t have to reach a minimum sum to have the opportunity to withdraw your funds. 


Bonfire is a fundraising platform that gives nonprofits a way to raise money by creating and selling their own apparel, mostly T-shirts. To start producing it you do not need a lot of money to launch your campaign. The items you sell will pay it for you. 

With Bonfire, you can create a unique t-shirt, sell it, and have it shipped, non-profits even get a discounted processing fee of just 3.5%


Snowball platform is very flexible and easy to use. Non-profits use Snowball to make donation pages for their websites. It also allows them to organize events for nonprofits and to sell tickets to attend them.  Snowball has an option of three packages, you can choose any of them. Pricing varies depending on a package you choose. 


Onecause offers many solutions to nonprofits to help them with online fundraising efforts. OneCause website can offer a such options as mobile bidding for auctions, virtual fundraising and online giving. 


FundRazr is very helpful with social media integrations. This platform has great tools for social media sharing, it integrates with Twitter, Facebbok, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and many more. You can upload photos to your campaign page and share these photos with your supporters. 


Classy was launched when a few people decided to raise money for raising cancer awareness. Since then, the project has grown into a large online platform that stands out thanks to its philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. 

Nonprofits can use Classy to create pages for their events, raise awareness about them and many more. You can also link your campaign page to social media, so that your followers get the latest updates. 


Firespring has been creating websites for nonprofits for more than 15 years. This platform offers help in building a complete website that will attract your target audience. This all in one solution for nonprofits has its price starting from $95.00 per month. 

Fundraising  is an important activity for nonprofit organizations. Online fundraising platforms are the bridge that connects nonprofits and donors nowadays. No matter which platform you choose, you should make sure you understand how to reach out the maximum of use!

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