Threat of Global Warming

The disruptions caused by global-warming induced climate change are now apparent in all aspects of life. In the end, anthropogenic activity that disrupts the carbon levels in our atmosphere is harming human life, along with our overall welfare and prosperity. By engaging in practices like the combustion of fossil fuels, the utilization of non-renewable energy, unprecedented land use, and deforestation, humans are aggravating the atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. As a result, solar radiation is being trapped in the atmosphere surface and contributing to the warming of Earth’s surface.

With global warming in full force, our environment, economies, health, and safety are all facing dangers and uncertainties. The rising global surface temperature of Earth is causing environmental degradation of our air quality, water quality, and weather stability. Changes in the average temperature are leading to shifting weather patterns related to the prevalence and intensity of climate events. For instance, according to NASA, the past years have been the hottest on record, and weather events such as wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, and droughts are becoming more powerful and more frequent. Furthermore, due to the rising temperatures and carbon emissions, ocean ecosystems are suffering from increased acidification. Since the year 1969, it is estimated that the ocean temperature has warmed by over 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit and that ocean acidity has increased by about 30 percent. Habitats within the ocean are being devastated due to carbon absorption, which damages coral reef ecosystems through bleaching and the disease outbreak within the reefs. In addition to altering ocean ecosystems, global warming results in the melting of glacial ice, which contributes to dangerous rises in sea levels and habitat destruction.

The magnitude of climate change is substantiated by research data and the blatant occurrence of real-world events. If individuals would like to make a positive difference in the world, they can stand behind organizations like Treegle and Ecosia, who hope to mitigate these harmful effects. By donating all of the money from their search ad revenue, Treegle and Ecosia support tree-planting programs around the globe. Trees help reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, therefore addressing the principle driving force behind global warming.

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