The Science Behind Climate Change

People who are skeptical of the existence of climate change are prevalent. When a problem is so large and widespread, it is difficult to accept that it is truly happening. However, through definitive science, evidence, and research, the facts behind climate change are there. Climate change is undoubtedly real, and therefore our world must act fast in order to battle this urgent crisis.

The first step towards preventing climate change is understanding exactly what it is and the reasons behind why it’s happening. Climate change is the occurrence of long-term fluctuations in regional and global weather patterns. The weather pattern variations can include shifts such as the frequency and intensity of weather events, temperature, and rainfall. These fluctuations in climate consequently have dangerous impacts that disrupt the stability and welfare of our environment and societies. The main reason behind Earth’s changing climate is global warming caused by an enhanced greenhouse effect. 

The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring process in which solar radiation is trapped in Earth’s atmosphere by the accumulation of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. The greenhouse effect is essential to ensuring that our planet is capable of maintaining life. However, it is when these atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases substantially increase that the problem arises. This natural process is made more severe due to human activity. Human activities such as fossil fuel combustion, agricultural practices, and other industrial processes release rapid high-level emissions of greenhouse gases. In consequence, the emitted gases increasingly trap heat energy in the earth’s atmosphere, causing the planet’s average surface temperature to rise. Since 1880, the Earth’s average surface temperature has increased by approximately 0.8 degrees celsius at a steady rate. If the planet continues to warm at such a rate, the temperature could exceed what is safe for environmental stability and well-being. Species are not able to adapt as fast as the climate is changing, and therefore their lives are put in jeopardy.

The science supporting climate change is real, and the problem can no longer be ignored by skeptics. According to NASA, numerous studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals reveal that over 97% of climate scientists believe that anthropogenic activity is the driving force behind climate change. As this is a problem that is principally caused by humans, we additionally have the ability to prevent this process and instead promote sustainability. To do so, we must make some serious changes to our lifestyles. These changes include reducing carbon emissions by transitioning to clean energy sources, demaing policy action, being more energy efficient, and making lifestyle adjustments to reduce your carbon footprint. One simple lifestyle change could be using search engines like and, which offset carbon emissions through reforestation projects. Users simply use Treegle or Ecosia to search the web, and the organizations donate their revenue to planting trees worldwide.

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