Treegle was founded by Eli Ken-Dror, a serial Hi-Tech entrepreneur that has decided to dedicate his own time and money in order to make a positive change in our world. The domain was bought in 2005, but the site idea was never launched as Eli did not have access to the proper resources.

The Treegle Team is composed of tech professionals, content and marketing experts, and supporters of sustainable living. The team is all devoting their own time and money to the Treegle project.

Treegle is a non-profit organization supported by Digital DAB innovations corporate (DDI) and managed by Eli Ken-Dror (who takes no salary, $0). The total revenue generated by Treegle will be donated to planting trees. was officially beta launched in January 2020, and so there are no reports available yet. is an organization dedicated to transparency, and will present the reports once they become available.

Please send us an email if you are willing to volunteer your own time. As a volunteer you will have a full access to the data and reports as is an organization dedicated to transparency. Send us an email to: [email protected] !