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You need to know this fact: What Vegetables Keep You Sharp?

What Vegetables to Plant in the Winter to Keep Your Green Thumb Good and Sharp

A number of people assume that because the days are short and the nights are long, it is impossible to sow new needs. This is far from the case, so lets not leave our flower pots and garden bed empty. Many plants survive best in the winter months and a few tolerate the chill. Just sprout the seeds indoors, but once they receive and appropriate height, go ahead and plant away. To be clear and concise many of the plants can handle the cold but snow is too much.

What Vegetables Keep You Sharp?

Onion and Shallot

It is much easier to plant onions in the late fall because so that they can take care of them selves over the winter. Onions have a long growing season and wont be ready for harvesting until the following summer. This makes it very important to plan with caution as they will be taking up space in the ground when you are planting other crops in the spring. Shallots follow the same rule as onions.

What Vegetables Keep You Sharp?
What Vegetables Keep You Sharp?


Garlic planting follows the same process like onions. It is a crop that does very well in all the seasons and is growable from a sprouted clove. Just like onion, the growing season is very long, so planting in the winter entails a summer harvest. Green garlic is really delicious when cooked in soups, so consider sowing a few bulbs for harvesting.

What Vegetables Keep You Sharp?


Varieties of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, provide a good amount of vegetables like you wouldn’t believe it. All you need to do is plant your seeds in early autumn, your spinach plants will grow quickly and will provide you with tender crisp leaves throughout the summer. Regular harvesting will make the spinach grow continually throughout the winter and perhaps even into the summer if taken care of properly. Just be sure to trim the flowers because spinach goes to seed rather easily.

What Vegetables Keep You Sharp3
What Vegetables Keep You Sharp?

Fava Beans

Fava beans are one of the most underestimated of the vegetables. They are very delicious both raw and cooked in salads and side dish and grow fairly quickly.Sown in autumn, they can be harvested a month earlier than plants that were planted in spring. The Aquadulce Claudia is particularly a good variety because it is quick to establish. Once the plants are fairly stable you can cook off the plant tips.

What Vegetables Keep You Sharp?
What Vegetables Keep You Sharp?


Asparagus is not a plant to take lightly. Persons with huge land space and patience should consider taking on such a project. Asparagus bed takes years to establish themselves, but each crown should yield 25 spears per year. This well-loved vegetable needs 24 months to be harvested properly.

Even though these vegetables thrive well in the cold, it is possible to have a wider selection if you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse in which to garden. Lettuce makes a very good option and there are also plenty of seed mixes that contains varieties radish greens, mustard and lambs lettuce.

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