What is Climate Change?

The concept of climate change refers to variations in Earth’s regional and global climates over an extended period of time. These changes in climate and weather patterns can apply to changes in systems such as temperature, precipitation, and weather severity. The Earth’s climate system is composed of interconnected and dependent components including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, and lithosphere. When there are long-lasting changes in the average measurements of factors reflecting Earth’s climate,  it is evident that climate change is in affect. These long-term changes of Earth’s climate and atmosphere can be as a result of natural processes due to internal variability, external forces, or from artificial anthropogenic activity.

Internal variability refers to natural fluctuations in climate, while external forces are climate-altering events that take place outside of the five components of Earth’s climate system. On the other hand, changes in climatic patterns can be caused by human activity that disrupt Earth’s equilibrium such as global warming through increased greenhouse gas emissions. In modern times, anthropogenic human activity, including industry, agriculture, and mechanization, are the principal driving forces behind global warming. Global warming is an overall increase in Earth’s surface temperature, which consequently results in climate change.

The alterations that such factors have on regional and global climatic patterns disrupt and destabilize environments and communities. Due to the impacts of climate change, communities and ecosystems are experiencing problems like resource availability, freshwater safety, severe weather patterns, and community displacement. With government coordination, transitions to ethical business practices, and action on individual and community levels, the urgent global problem of climate change can be addressed and combatted. Together, we can make eco-friendly efforts to preserve our environment for sustainable use and the future of human society.

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