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Plant Trees| Support Global Reforestation

Treegle, Plant Trees, is a non-profit organization focused on planting trees around the world. Anyone can get involved. 

You don’t need to grow your own forest, this is how to plant trees to help save the planet.

According to scientists, Forest restoration is the number-one strategy for stopping global warming You can sit at your home or your office and plant trees, or, you can read the following guide. Here’s a complete guide to what you should be planting, and where.

Tree planting has an amazing potential to tackle climate crisis. The answer is just in our hand, or keyboard. We need billions more trees, scientists claimed, and if we do that, we could remove two-thirds of all the carbon dioxide created by human activity! Forest restoration isn’t just one of our climate change solutions, it is overwhelmingly the top one. Such a programme might take 100 to 120 years to be fully effective, but along the way it would reduce the consequences of the climate crisis – protecting soil from erosion, reducing the risk of flooding and providing habitats for a vast range of animals and other plant species. And even more positive things.

plant trees
plant trees

Tree-planting initiatives include many groups. But we need to do much, so much more. Another study led by Crowther, published in Nature in 2015, estimated that while there are more than 3 trillion trees in the world, that number had fallen by 46% since the dawn of human civilisation!

In Brazil, the Amazon rainforest continues to shrink by the equivalent of three football fields every one minute as land is turned over to cattle ranching, soya-bean production and mining. In August 2019 alone, an area the size of Hong Kong disappeared, not including losses from fires.

Plant trees to help save our planet. By yourself or by using Treegle every time.

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