How Changing the World Can Be as Easy As Clicking a Button

The time for apathy and indifference towards climate change is long gone, and our society must take the urgent problem of global warming seriously so that we may effectively address it. With the severe environmental degradation caused by human activities growing more and more apparent, we can no longer ignore the need for positive change and action. Due to anthropogenic activities caused by the industrialization and globalization of our world, there is an increase in greenhouse gases, which has led to global warming. The Earth’s average surface temperature is increasing, which is consequently resulting in environmental, economic, social, and health risks.

However, there are ways to accommodate our increasingly efficient and industrialized world without compromising our humanity, safety, and future. By moving towards forms of clean and renewable energy, we can act on climate change while still accommodating our needs. Through the use of energy sources such as solar and wind energy, we may minimize our CO2 emissions by reducing the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. These environmentally harmful components need to be replaced with other forms of energy in order to protect our planet, make necessary strides towards sustainability, and help combat the increasing global temperatures caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect.

 Climate change caused by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere places our planet in a vulnerable position. With the accumulation of greenhouse gases, the average world temperature has increased by about 0.8 degrees celsius since the late 19th century. This increase has resulted in catastrophic repercussions including extreme weather, rising sea levels, and ecosystem disruption. Weather patterns in the form of heat waves, droughts, and storms are becoming more severe, which endanger human, plant, and animal populations. In addition, sea levels are rising due to melting ice, which leads to flooding and erosion that disrupts populations and threatens access to freshwater resources.

However, these disastrous effects of global warming can be confronted. Adopting renewable forms of energy in our human processes is a solution to mitigating the ramifications of climate change and minimizing our environmental impact. Low-carbon producing energy forms such as hydropower, solar power, and wind power allow us to contribute to processes such as industrialization and agricultural production without dangerously increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Since fossil fuel combustion is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions, the transition to renewable, clean energy will greatly benefit the environment and help to alleviate the threats to our well-being and future.

It is our responsibility to protect our planet, and we must do so through awareness, knowledge, and action. On the micro-level, individuals can also take simple steps to act on global warming and help change the world for the better. One of the most effortless and easy ways that people can help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is through the use of search engine companies like Treegle and Ecosia. Treegle and Ecosia are two companies that donate the money from their web search ads to projects that plant trees. With each search that an individual makes, the ad revenue goes towards an environmentally friendly cause rather than to the profit of a business. Through the planting of trees, CO2 levels are diminished as they naturally absorb carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.This environmental initiative created by Treegle and Ecosia gives individuals the opportunity to take a stand against global warming. 

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