What is Treegle?

 Treegle is an internet search engine that donates the profits generated by web ads to reforestation initiatives around the world. When users install Treegle and use it to search the web, they can choose the location where they would like trees to be planted (Will be launched soon). Treegle seeks to promote environmentally sustainability and present a safe and effortless way for users to minimize carbon dioxide emissions to help save the planet.

How does Treegle reduce atmospheric CO2?

It is estimated that the average Google search releases about 0.2 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Rather than contributing to CO2 emissions, Treegle supports tree-planting projects that work to diminish carbon levels. The trees planted using Treegle’s donations help to minimize levels of CO2 because trees absorb atmospheric CO2 through the naturally-occurring chemical reaction of photosynthesis.

How are Treegle's search results generated?

Treegle’s search results are generated by the search engine of Google. Google is the largest and most popular search engine in the world, and occupies around 70% of search engine uses. Treegle provides accurate, quality, and reliable search results to provide users with the information that they need. 

What are the advantages of using Treegle?

By using Treegle, users are provided with the search results and information that they are looking for. In addition, the advantage of using Treelge over other search engines is that is free, easy, and can be incorporated into your daily life. By using Treegle to perform your web searches, individuals can join the fight against climate change by planting trees and reducing carbon dioxide levels.

Where does Treegle plant trees?

Treegle donates to tree-planting organizations that have initiatives around the world. To promote transparency, we want users to have control over where their donations are going. Therefore, we grant users the ability to choose the location of where they want trees planted (currently this option is served to limited users in beta mode). As we just started our beta in year 2020 our 2020 donations will go to #TEAMTRESS, that has got $20M+ donations to plant trees and we think they are doing a great job! 

#TeamTrees teamed up with the largest non-profit, tree-planting organization, Arbor Day Foundation.

The mission statement of the Arbor Day Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit conservation and education organization: “We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.”

Can I volunteer to team Treegle?

Yes you can! Help us in any way you can. As a volunteer you will have a full access to the reports as Treegle.org is an organization dedicated to transparency. Send us an email to: treegleorg@ gmail.com !

Is Treegle a virus for my computer?

Treegle is completely safe for all individuals to use, and won’t cause any problems for your computer. It is simply a free and secure internet search engine that uses its profits to fund tree-planting initiatives. Treegle is a company that prides ourselves on being entirely legitimate, protecting user privacy, and showing full transparency to our users.

Does Treegle protect user privacy?

Treegle greatly values user privacy and ensures that users are absolutely protected. It is 100% secure and does not collect any data to sell to third-party advertisers or trackers. Treegle is an ethical search engine that does not store data permanently nor release information to any other companies.

How do users know where their money is going?

Treegle donates all of its web search ad profits to projects dedicated to planting trees. Our main goal is to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the environment, and therefore we donate all the money to this purpose. We are entirely transparent with users, and release monthly publications of our financial reports so users can clearly follow exactly where our funds are going. If you don’t believe that Treegle donate the profits then you are welcome to join our team and become an observer. 

As we just started our beta in year 2020 our 2020 donations will go to #TEAMTRESS, that has got $20M+ donations to plant trees and we think they are doing a great job!

How can I trust that you really donate the profits?

Treegle recently launched its beta in January 2020. To protect the trust of our users, we will present quarterly reports. In order to maintain full transparency and show that we truly donate our profits, you can apply to join us as an observer. As such, you will be granted access to our financial reports and have the ability to approve donations. Please keep in mind that as an observer, you’d be asked to be an active member of Treegle Organization. For instance, you would be asked to observe financial reports, travel to non-profit tree organizations, and write blog content for topics you find most relevant. Apply to be part of the Treegle team by sending us an email at support@treegle.freshdesk.com

Those who join us will be provided with a Treegle channel with the ability to decide where donations go and write their own blog content.