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Eco friendly packaging: Thai Supermarket Goes Green Wrapping Produce With Leaves Instead Of Plastic Bags!

(Article was written and donated by Duangkamol Fhaumnuaypol)

This is an amazing eco-friendly wrapping idea! In Chiang Mai, Thailand, the produce section caught customers eye because vegetables were wrapped in leaves rather than plastic. In a facebook page the picture got more than 19,000 shares and the innovative eco-friendly wrapping is going viral for all the right reasons.

Why Eco friendly packaging? Too Much Trash.

All over the world, plastic trash is becoming a serious issue. For more then 40 years, companies have mass produced non-biodegradable, single-use materials like plastic, cellophane, and styrofoam which are no an Eco friendly packaging. Landfills in many countries around the world have already reached capacity. That’s why several Asian countries, which were not producing as much trash as the rest of the world at one time, have created an entire industry of waste management and recycling.

eco friendly packaging
eco friendly packaging (Source: reddit)

Although many of these countries have profited from dealing with the rest of the world’s waste, the space for trash is becoming very limited in Asia. Up until March 2019, most of the recycling done on the planet happened in China because China imported trash from other countries. China is no longer accepting outside trash as it find it hard enough to deal with its own.

Eco friendly packaging is actually thinking Green.

Initiatives to recycle, reuse items rather than trash them, and stop using plastics altogether are popping up all over Asia and around the world. That is exactly why the the Thailand Supermarket is wrapping vegetables in leaves (also it is much cheaper!). The leaves come from plants that are already in existence, so no energy is wasted on producing extra crops for wrapping. Using leaves allows companies to avoid producing single-use plastic wrap for vegetables. Since the produce is not wrapped in heat producing plastic, it takes longer for it to spoil. This is a very efficient way of conserving natural resources.

eco friendly packaging
eco friendly packaging – Source Reddit

Dont Use Plastic Bags – Drop It In The Bucket!

Plastic, in particular, is a worldwide problem within the larger issue of waste management. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to biodegrade, and many companies grossly overuse this material. The production of plastic also causes pollution and increased carbon to be used. The world would be a much cleaner place if all stores copied the Thailand great idea Supermarket.

You can wrap all kind of vegetables using this eco-friendly idea

As you may see in the picture below if you think outside of the box you can use this idea for everything. Just think of the box to help us all save our plant. And, of course use the Treegle chrome extension to donate trees by searching the web.

eco friendly packaging
eco friendly packaging (Source: reddit)
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