Climate Change Destruction: Europe’s extreme heat wave

Climate change is not a personal problem or one facing a single city, but a problem that is afflicting every nation and community across the globe. Due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, the global surface temperature is increasing. Since 1880, the average surface temperature has increased by 0.8 degrees celsius, and is continuing to steadily rise. As worldwide temperatures are reaching new highs, countries around Europe are currently facing dangerous heat waves that are detrimental to the welfare of society.

Global warming causes shifts in global and regional climatic patterns. Consequently, these shifts are showcasing how unprepared our world is to deal with the changing environmental conditions. Extreme weather events like heat waves are becoming more intense and more frequent. Therefore, vulnerable populations are placed in danger and left without the proper resources to combat these conditions. According to CNN, cities across France, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic have all endured record-breaking temperatures this week.

 With temperatures reaching unprecedented levels, people in Europe’s cities are dealing with severe heat-related health problems and mortality. As a result, cities have been forced to institute emergency measures like extending the hours of public swimming pools, cancelling schools, and establishing cooling rooms. Climate change experts have predicted that extreme events like heat waves will become more frequent and severe, and that global temperatures will keep rising.

In order to slow global warming and protect our populations, we must take the necessary action to battle the climate crisis. If meaningful change is not instituted by individuals, world leaders, and industries, then communities will continue to be devastated by climate change impacts. For example, our society must transition to renewable energy sources, support sustainable businesses like and, enforce strict carbon emissions, and facilitate global cooperation.

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