Climate Change

Coronavirus: 7 must Steps to Prevent Illness

By site. Served as a service with love to our Eco-Readers. First, you need to know that there is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). However, there are ways to prevent illness.The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. The virus is thought to spread…

28 Cool Things You Can Do With Coconut Oil
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28 Cool Things You Can Do With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is incredibly popular — and for good reason. Coconut oil has nourishing benefits to the body and is considered to have superb and marvelous health benefits of the body. The unmatched combination of fatty acids offers a variety of health benefits such as reducing body weight, good for your heart and helps in…

eco friendly packaging
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Eco friendly packaging: Thai Supermarket Goes Green Wrapping Produce With Leaves Instead Of Plastic Bags!

(Article was written and donated by Duangkamol Fhaumnuaypol) This is an amazing eco-friendly wrapping idea! In Chiang Mai, Thailand, the produce section caught customers eye because vegetables were wrapped in leaves rather than plastic. In a facebook page the picture got more than 19,000 shares and the innovative eco-friendly wrapping is going viral for all the…

Plant trees
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Plant Trees| Support Global Reforestation

Treegle, Plant Trees, is a non-profit organization focused on planting trees around the world. Anyone can get involved.  You don’t need to grow your own forest, this is how to plant trees to help save the planet. According to scientists, Forest restoration is the number-one strategy for stopping global warming You can sit at your home or…

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Signs of Climate Change

The question that most people ask when discussing climate change is: How do we know that climate change is real? Climate change is the naturally occurring fluctuations in weather patterns that last for an extended period of time. Due to elements like volcanoes, solar heating, and varying CO2 levels, the climate system of Earth has…

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