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The Dangers of Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that naturally occurs and persists in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is produced by humans and animals as we release CO2 simply through breathing. While natural CO2 emissions are no cause for alarm, the amount of CO2 is the atmosphere has been significantly increased through man-made processes such as the…

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Simple Ways to Make a Difference

Addressing climate issues and sustainability can seem daunting, complex, and overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be. In order to fix the problems facing our Earth and environment, this task will require the collaborative and dedicated efforts of individuals, communities, businesses, industries, and world leaders. Climate change won’t be fixed in a day, week, or…

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Climate Change Destruction: Europe’s extreme heat wave

Climate change is not a personal problem or one facing a single city, but a problem that is afflicting every nation and community across the globe. Due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, the global surface temperature is increasing. Since 1880, the average surface temperature has increased by 0.8 degrees celsius, and…

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What is Climate Change?

The concept of climate change refers to variations in Earth’s regional and global climates over an extended period of time. These changes in climate and weather patterns can apply to changes in systems such as temperature, precipitation, and weather severity. The Earth’s climate system is composed of interconnected and dependent components including the atmosphere, hydrosphere,…

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How Changing the World Can Be as Easy As Clicking a Button

The time for apathy and indifference towards climate change is long gone, and our society must take the urgent problem of global warming seriously so that we may effectively address it. With the severe environmental degradation caused by human activities growing more and more apparent, we can no longer ignore the need for positive change…

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Political Action surrounding Climate Change

Climate change, along with its existence, magnitude, urgency, and possible solutions, are constantly under fierce political debate. Individuals and government officials passionately address the issue from all sides. While some deny the general existence of global climate change, some persistently advocate that climate change requires immediate action. Climate change is an incredibly polarizing, divisive, and…

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