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Signs of Climate Change

The question that most people ask when discussing climate change is: How do we know that climate change is real? Climate change is the naturally occurring fluctuations in weather patterns that last for an extended period of time. Due to elements like volcanoes, solar heating, and varying CO2 levels, the climate system of Earth has…

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The growing frequency and intensity of extreme weather

As climate change continues to be an urgent and pressing issue for our planet, we must recognize the consequences that this crisis will bring. Some of the most notable impacts of climate change include rising temperatures, and the increasing frequency and strength of weather events. Weather such as hurricanes, extreme rainfall, heat waves, and droughts…

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How can trees save the planet?

Many climate scientists claim that trees are influential in tackling climate change. Scientists believe trees are instrumental in combating climate change due to their ability to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide through the natural process of photosynthesis. The basis of climate change is that our Earth is warming, consequently resulting in long-term shifts in climatic patterns….

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Weekly Climate Crisis

With climate change disasters occurring more frequently, the problem is becoming increasingly alarming. Communities are realizing that something must be done in order to combat the environmental crisis before these events degrade our planet beyond repair. According to the United Nations, climate change events are so frequent that they are occurring weekly. Although they are…

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Alaska is battling a record-breaking heat wave

Since 1880, Earth’s global surface temperature has steadily increased. As a result of environmentally harmful human activity, the process of climate change is greatly intensified. Climate change is causing clear environmental effects, including extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels, ecosystem instability, and rising temperatures. Global temperatures have been increasing for decades, and it is predicted…

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The Science Behind Climate Change

People who are skeptical of the existence of climate change are prevalent. When a problem is so large and widespread, it is difficult to accept that it is truly happening. However, through definitive science, evidence, and research, the facts behind climate change are there. Climate change is undoubtedly real, and therefore our world must act…

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The Impending “Climate Apartheid”

In June 2019, the United Nations released a report commenting on the looming effects of climate change on poverty. In this report, the UN referred to the impending issue of a “climate apartheid”, meaning that the divsion between the rich and poor will sharpen regarding the degree to which they bear the burden of climate…

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How can we really stop climate change?

With all of the attention, debate, and information surrounding the existence of climate change, it can easily seem like an overwhelming challenge to take on. Around the globe, people are learning about, and directly experiencing, the threat of this crisis. Whether it be from enduring extreme weather conditions, or from witnessing environmental degradation, the impacts…

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The Importance of Reforestation

While the world has experienced the rapid, ongoing process of industrialization, our environment has paid the price. Ecosystems have suffered from the alarming problem of deforestation, which is the removal of trees for human purposes. Deforestation has occurred in environments around the world in order to clear land for agricultural use, the creation of industrial…

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