About Us

Treegle is an internet social search engine (a non-profit organization) that donates the profits generated by web ads to reforestation initiatives around the world. Treegle was founded and launched in January 2020.  When individuals use Treegle to search the web, they are actually donating the site’s profits to tree planting projects. Online users will soon be able to choose the location where they would like trees to be planted (will be launched soon). Treegle seeks to promote environmentally sustainability and present a safe and effortless way for users to minimize carbon dioxide emissions to help save the planet. Treegle donates all of its web search ad profits to projects dedicated to planting trees. Our main goal is to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, and therefore we donate all the money to this purpose. We are entirely transparent with users, and release monthly publications of our financial reports so users can clearly follow exactly where our funds are going. Treegle is a non-profit organization that is being supported by Digital DAB innovations corporate (DDI), where all Treegle profits are donated to plant trees around the world. 

Treegle is a non-profit organization supported by Digital DAB innovations corporate (DDI). The total profits generated by Treegle will be donated to planting trees. Treegle.org was officially launched its beta in 2020, and so there are no reports available yet. Treegle.org is an organization dedicated to transparency, and will present the reports once they become available.

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Feel free to email us with any questions at support@treegle.freshdesk.com.